At the outset video games and making appear to be exclusive hobbies. Video games are for consumption, for relaxing and taking a break from the world.  And making is about being productive, about learning and expressing oneself. Interestingly the world have collided and the result of that collision is Nintendo’s new LABO game + maker’s kit.

The Nintendo LABO kit is very interesting.  The kit comes with sheets of perforated cardboard that will be assembled into fun toys to interact with the Nintendo Switch game console.  You can assemble a miniature piano, simple robots, a fishing rod and more! The game includes the assembly instructions, in full 3D with time-lapse animations, and games for your cardboard toys to interact with.

Recently I had a go at building a few of the projects from the variety kit.  First up was a quick project to get used to the process of building with Nintendo Labo, a little cardboard bug-bot.  Before you get started, always recruit someone to work with you. My helper decorated the robot while I assembled!

Building with Nintendo LABO is very easy.  Every fold is clearly shown and animated in the game console.

After the cardboard construction, all you need to do is attach the Nintendo Switch controllers to the robot.  The LABO game then lets you control which controller vibrates and allows the robot to shimmy around! Clearly fun for all ages.

The variety kit also includes a fun little piano.  To build this one I had to recruit more people. I have found that building with friends is much more fun than going solo.

A couple hours later I had a functional piano!  Very cool and fun to play. I really enjoyed the Nintendo LABO kit and so did everyone who helped out.  The LABO kit was a great way to engage people who normally might not be a maker. If they do get the maker bug, then LABO is also a great way to continue the fun. Included with the LABO game is a “garage” mode where you can design your own cardboard contraptions.  Pretty impressive for a video game!

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