Today’s blog post is brought to you by Jennifer Winn, a first year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Dayton and a member of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Living Learning Community.

Improving our Community one Blanket at a Time

At the University of Dayton, a group of female students in the engineering and science fields, known as WISE, focused on helping the Dayton community through educating the youth on STEM programs and participating in service. This month, the organization has decided to apply their service skills in helping the Dayton Children’s Hospital. With a crew of fifteen members, the team took action in creating blankets that would be used for children within the medical facility. If you would like to help engage in the community, making blankets is a simple way to give back to your home-town .  

Steps Used to Make a Blanket

  1. Travel to a local supermarket to purchase a couple of “No Sew Throw Kits”. These will cost around $25 dollars each.
  2. Once you purchase a kit, start to open up the packet and lay the two pieces of fabric evenly on the floor. The two sheets need to be on top of one another.
  3. Next, begin to cut out the corners of the blanket. After you finish, the corners would be missing four perfect squares.
  4. After removing the corners, cut out 2.50” slits into all four sides of the blanket. If these cuts are too small, it will result in an ineffective blanket that ends up unraveling apart.
  5. Then, take two slits and double-knot them together. Make sure to continue this process until all four sides have tied knots. If you forget to double-knot the blanket, then the blanket will fall apart.
  6. Finally, when the sides are all tied together, you are ready to enjoy your blanket!

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