Today is that venerable celebration of everyone’s favorite irrational number, pi!  It’s also a celebration of everyone’s favorite mathematically inclined pastry, pie!

Take that Tau lovers!

March 14 holds a special place in the collective heart of Make It Dayton, because it was at that first maker event to celebrate “Super Pi Day” on 3.14.15 at 9:26 am that the precursor to the Dayton Mini Maker Faire was born.

The AFRL Maker Fest at WBI Tec^Edge

Here are some highlights from today’s Pi Day celebrations, both locally and beyond.

Today at the University of Dayton, students from Tau Beta Pi celebrated Pi Day by passing out free slices of pie in Kettering Labs.

I see what you did there…

Did you know that Einstein was born on 3.14?

Check out the NASA Pi Day page for fun space-related Pi activities to do with your favorite math geeks!

National Geographic also joined in the fun with some awesome Pi facts here.

Even Gen Cooley at the Air Force Research Labs at Wright Patterson AFB joined in the celebration!

MIT students tested their mathematical grit by reciting digits of pi from memory:

But amid all the lighthearted mathematical fun, we can’t forget that today the world lost one of its great scientific minds, Stephen Hawking.

By NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

To wrap things up, how could we talk about Pi Day without mentioning the maker’s favorite pi, Raspberry Pi?  While it didn’t happen on Pi Day, back at the beginning of March the Raspberry Pi Foundation celebrated it’s 6 year birthday by holding 100 simultaneous Raspberry Pi Jams across 40 countries.  You can read all about it on their blog.

Still looking for a way to make this Pi Day special? Why not try Pilsbury’s Triple Berry Pi Day Pie!?

Mmmmmm…. pi pie

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