This Saturday kicks off the Boneyard Build-Off competition with the Mendel-Run!  The competing teams will storm Mendelsons and pull supplies from the shelves to build a [REDACTED] at the Dayton Mini Maker Faire.

The project hasn’t been released yet. Besides, you didn’t say the magic word.

The teams include:

BONDS! – a team of high school students who also do FIRST Robotics

Team Little Fox – a team of local craftsman and business owners

Team Bam Done – a team of local engineers

Dayton Diode – Dayton’s original makerspace

The Constant Variables – a team of local professionals and reigning champs from last year’s Build-Off

We’ll announce the challenge at 8AM, and the teams will start to strategize. The Mendel-Run starts at 9 AM and the teams will run through the third floor of Mendelsons and fill their carts “supermarket sweep”-style, to gather all the necessary supplies. But, they can’t get greedy! Anything the teams take must be used in the final build.

So, when we say “cart”…

The teams then have 1 week to design and strategize how to build their project, but without access to their supplies. August 5, at the opening of Maker Faire, the teams will have their supplies delivered from Mendelsons to the Boneyard at Carillon Park and will have until Sunday at 2 PM to construct their projects. The final builds will then be tested and compete for a prize supplied by GorillaMaker 3D Printers and IC3D filament.
Everyone’s welcome to come check out the action this Saturday! And we’ll see you for the Build-Off August 5th and 6th!
PS: Don’t forget, you can pre-purchase your tickets to the Maker Faire at Mendelsons while you’re there for the Mendel-Run! Skip the line and see that much more!

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