Appropriately dubbed “The Ultimate DIY Battle” – Real Art’s Boneyard Build-Off makes it’s triumphant return to the
Dayton Mini Maker Faire.


Last year’s teams

Pitting maker against maker, sweat out an all-too-short deadline to prove that one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Last year we featured two teams – this year, the Boneyard Build-Off is hungry and it wants more teams! Click here if you have a team to register. On the fence about participating? Mendelsons will be opening it’s doors to the Boneyard Build-Off teams to pick through their treasures.  More details on that to come.

You have 94 days left to assemble your team – choose wisely


This year’s potential challenges

Project Haas

Inspired by the fact that it’s August, teams will design and construct a water balloon launcher over the course of Saturday until 2PM Sunday. From 2-3PM, the designs will be judged and tested. The project is named after Dayton plumbing innovator Philip Haas.


  1. Balloons must exit the device before bursting
  2. Launchers should be usable against a human
  3. Launchers should look cool
  4. Launchers must be targetable


Project Sugar Camp

Teams will answer the question: How does a Maker go camping? Teams will design and build a Maker’s campsite over the course of Saturday through 2:00PM Sunday.  At 2PM, teams will move from the construction site to the front of the Transportation Center. There, the sites will be judged by the audience and Trash King. This project is named after the NCR facility created by John Patterson to train his employees, which later housed the WAVES during WWII. The last remaining cabin currently stands in Carillon Historical Park.


  1. Setup should be portable
  2. Campsite needs the ability to cook, but may not use fire
  3. Campsite needs hygiene, in the form of hand-washing
  4. Campsite needs comfort: i.e. a place to sit, and a place to sleep that is sheltered from the elements.
  5. Overall, build should be self-contained, with no power provided. Water may be used from the taps available at Carillon Historical Park.


Project Morrison

Teams will design and build musical instruments over the course of Saturday until 2PM Sunday. At 2PM, the Boneyard Jam will take place, where the teams will play their instruments for the crowd. Project is named after Walter “Junie” Morrison of the Ohio Players.


  1. Noise, and lots of it
  2. Audience should be able to use the instruments
  3. Instruments should look cool


Project Vaszin

Inspired by the World’s Largest Claw machine at Proto BuildBar, teams will design and construct oversized arcade games over the course of Saturday through 12:00PM Sunday. From 12-3, the public will be able to play the games and vote on their favorite. At 3PM, an expert panel will review the games, and a winner declared based on the voting and the panel. Project is named after Aurel Vaszin, founder of the Dayton Fun House.


  1. Game must be safe for players and participants
  2. Game must have a way to keep score
  3. Game must be self-contained, i.e. a person can walk up and start playing at any time, not needing to bring staff over
  4. Game should look cool!


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