David Picciuto is coming to the Dayton Mini Maker Faire!




By: Emily, Make It Dayton

This is a story about being bold.

Last year, we were planning the very first Dayton Mini Maker Faire, and started an unofficial wish list of “oh wouldn’t it be cool if” – top of the list was David Picciuto.

Several of us Make It Dayton members are big fans of Make Something and the Making It podcast.  

We thought it was totally impossible that a famous maker like David would be interested in coming to Dayton when he’s been to the big events like Bay Area Maker Faire.

We shelved the idea of reaching out and focused our energy on creating an awesome first year showcasing all our local maker talent.

Early this year, as we started thinking about planning year two, I had a little free time and mustered up the courage to send David a message through his website: https://makesomething.tv/ to invite him to be the headline speaker at the 2017 Dayton Mini Maker Faire.  

(We had a great first year, and I was feeling bold.)


A few days later, much to the entire team’s astonishment, I got a reply.  FROM DAVID PICCIUTO!  He was interested. We set up a time to Skype with him and discuss the details.  Josh and I were the biggest Make Something fans in the group, so we had the honor of doing the call.  We were so nervous!  

How often do you get the chance to actually talk face-to-virtual-face with one of your maker idols?!  

The call went great, and David agreed to be a part of our 2017 Dayton Mini Maker Faire.  Also, it turns out David is just a super nice regular guy from Toledo – but bold. David had an idea and wanted to share his passion with the world – and that’s exactly what he did. I know he inspires me, and I’m excited that my boldness paid off and he can now inspire you too, in person this August!

Can’t wait until August? Whet your appetite by checking out David’s latest project video at https://youtu.be/bu_LycW5AjI or check out his social media below!




Website: https://makesomething.tv

YouTube: https://youtube.com/makesomething

Twitter: @drunkenwood

Instagram: https://instagram.com/MakeSomethingTV



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